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    We've combined function with pure design, CROMO cables use gold plated connectors and chrome hoods to deliver style and performance.
  • HDMI

    CROMO HDMI Cables and Adapters allow you to maximise the performance of your carefully assembled High Definition setup. Our products are built from only the highest quality materials, can not only connect your components together, but also add a bit of refinement and style to your home cinema installation.
  • Display Port

    CROMO DisplayPort Cables give you optimum video performance on your computers and monitors. Our cables use only the highest quality materials, are elegantly styled and will add a sophisticated touch to any desk top work area.
  • Usb2.0

    Stylish and refined, the LINDY CROMO USB 2.0 cable will likely be your most used accessory for connecting your laptop, notebook, smartphone and other USB peripherals. Built from only the best materials, and designed with a precise finish, our CROMO USB 2.0 cables perform as well as they look.
  • Usb3.0

    The latest in speedy, reliable connections for your computer peripherals, CROMO USB 3.0 cables will allow you blistering transfer speeds across a range of compatible devices.
  • Earphones

    CROMO IEM-75 Dual Driver Earphones are specifically designed to deliver ideal comfort and performance. Our earphones are the ultimate replacement for your iPod or other media player as they upgrade the sounds streaming into your ears in a sleek, well-designed and portable in-ear design.
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    Contact LINDY Electronics Ltd Sadler Forster Way Teesside Industrial Estate Thornaby Stockton-on-Tees TS17 9JY England Email: [email protected] Tel: 01642 754000 Fax: 01642 754027