Design & Perfection

CROMO is a high quality range of cables and accessories for computer, audio/video and home theatre applications. Designed by LINDY-Elektronik in Germany, CROMO products are known as much for their stylish design as the high quality materials used in their construction.

Stylish Design

Combining function with pure design, CROMO cables use gold plated connectors and chrome hoods to deliver style, superior performance and long-term reliability.

Quality Components

Only the highest quality materials and components go into each of our carefully constructed CROMO products. With our attention to detail in the makeup of each product we are able to provide you with products that will perform, hassle-free, under all condition for years to come.

Outstanding Warranty

LINDY, the maker of CROMO cables and accessories, has stood beside their products for over 80 years. All CROMO products come with a 10-year warranty to give you the peace of mind that comes with buying from a trusted, respected name.

The Features You Need

With CROMO you're not only getting a well-designed, long lasting product, but also a product that meets all current specifications and requirements. So you can be sure that CROMO will meet your needs both now and into the future.

Certified HDMI

CROMO HDMI Cables are fully certified by the ATC certification and testing organisation. Only ATC tested cables are permitted to use the HDMI logo, which is why you'll see it proudly displayed on every box.

Contact us Today

For more information about any of our CROMO range of products, please contact LINDY Australia:

Tel: 1300 888 095   Fax: 1300 888 096

Email: [email protected]

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